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LED Tube


This will greatly reduce power consumption and CO2 emission, and eventually contribute to the saving of power rate and to the decrease of environmental load.

The main characteristics of our products are to create wide light distribution angle, and high luminous efficiency over 100lm/W, and to make areas brighter, not only areas directly under the lamps but also other wider areas. There is no need to directly look into LED chips, and there is no glaring. And we design by ourselves the power supply (stabilizer), which is the most important unit for LED Lighting. Even though LED is said to have long life, a substantial difference in efficiency (life of unit) will be created, depending on the quality of power supply. Our company has over 40 year-experience in the field of designing and manufacturing of the power supply and has obtained reputation for our high reliability and products with reputable quality. We are now devoted to the production and sales of LED straight tube light under the models of 20W/32W/40W/110W.

※ Please note that the use of our products requires electrical power wiring.



  • Hospital
  • Parking
  • Lecture
  • Office
  • Industrial


T- ECO Low Cost 4 Feet Tube Light

T- ECO LED Light