LED High Bay Light


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Highbay light are design to be used in very high ceiling areas, (approximately 7M and higher) to provide well distributed light for a very large area. The most important element is the correct light output and fully lights out once it is switched on. While some mercury light needs at least 10 to 15 minutes to fully light out once it is switched on. Lighting of vertical is very important when dealing with warehouses when item needs to picked up from shelf. We have variance version of HighBay light the model are 80W/100W/170W. Iriichi(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd consider and understand the important needs of our customer and we put our feet in their shoes toward understanding their needs. \r\n

Other benefit of HighBay Light:


  • Reduce power consumption
  • We design it to last for more than 60,000 hours
  • The lights turn on instantly, easily turn off and reset.


Iriichi (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd provides 5 YEARS WARRANTY for all our LED lighting series! YES because we build our LED light with high-end technology, high quality , very precisely engineered.












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