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ITK Series Cabinet


Technologies & Know-How of CC series, CO series are best utilized to get high Earthquake resistant.
ITK series has passed the Earthquake resistant test that CC/CO series passed.

In addition to the conventional shield type, included in the line-up is one with electromagnetic shield function.

Ordinary Shield Type (ITK 19N SERIES) and electromagnetic shield type (ITK 19E SERIES) are included in line-up, and through this, We minimize the danger of information Leakage by electromagnetic wave caused by loaded apparatus.

2 kinds of rack width - 600mm and 700mm
600mm width shows conpact installation, 700mm width can make it possible to install neatly into CABINET especially when the wires(cables)from the front to the back are so many.

Apparatus fixing pitch is EIA standard.
By conforming to EIA standard, it is possible to load almost all kinds of Apparatus in the market.

High Density Loading possible by 2100mm.
The high density design of the rack make it possible to fully utilized the rack, leaving the floor empty of power cords or other connecting cords

Cost Reduction
Comparing with the old models, we have achieved low cost by reducing the number of kinds of parts.



  ITK19N6820 / ITK19E6820 ITK19N7820 / ITK19E7820
outside measurement
595×800×2100 695×800×2100
Cable in-let Top & Bottom
FAN Option
MOUNT RAIL Front / Rear 420mm fixed 421mm(standard)
Left / Right 452㎜
Fixing hole EIA-310-D
Diamenter of Screw M5(cage nut)
Distance between screw holes 465㎜
Maximum loading area 1830㎜(41U)
Maximum loading weight 205Kg 246Kg
(Dead load) Around 140Kg Around 148Kg
Articles E-model in shield type



Cabinet is used for telco company for storing IT equipment’s, such as hub, switches, firewall and computer server. Widely used as server racks, the cabinet made are also earthquake resistance, anti-rust and easily customized for end user usage. \r\n



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