Why Join Iriichi

Why Join Iriichi

Since its inception in Penang in 1989, IRIICHI (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD has continuously developed its business, from the manufacturing of electronic to mechatronic products in Malaysia.

Besides attaining the business objectives, IRIICHI(MALAYSIA) SDN BHD is also committed to being an ethical corporate citizen. IRIICHI is guided by the corporate philosophy of “We are industrial people who seek the fulfillment of life in enterprise. Through the manufacture of valuable products,we contribute to the society and wish to realize never ending development and affluent life of our employees.” As a good corporate citizen, IRIICHI(MALAYSIA) SDN BHD is committed to be a valuable asset to Malaysia, the people of Malaysia, and all other stakeholders.

IRIICHI(MALAYSIA) SDN BHD has a clear HR Vision. Our employees are the most valuable resource of the IRIICHI(MALAYSIA) SDN BHD. We provide our employees with excellent opportunities and compensate them based on their performance and capabilities. We aim to be a business group that maintains an energetic and enthusiastic workforce of people who find value in work, develops their abilities, and embrace and overcome challenges.

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Training and Development

When you join Iriichi (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, you become part of a team of ambitious and motivated professionals who seek to create tomorrow’s technologies, business processes and service solutions for our clients.

We are always eager to learn new things, collaborate with new people and explore new possibilities.

That’s why we have developed learning opportunities and mentoring programs to newbies.

Grow your skills

To manage their professional learning, our employees use a comprehensive, global learning platform. It provides access to thousands of online courses, virtual classroom courses, simulations, job aids and other learning and development resources. Course topics range from leadership development to personal effectiveness to productivity tools for project manufacturing, customer services, negotiations and technology solutions.

Grow your career

We have developed and introduced accreditation programs, or structured career pathways, specifically designed for employees in particular business areas. These programs use standard criteria for measuring performance and provide recognition for skills development and application. We may also help with tuition fees where qualifications are required as part of your role.

Along with structured career and development, there are opportunities to move internally at Iriichi (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd whether in a new department, a different business unit or a new customer site.

Operator Training System

For New Employees

Initial Training : Judgement after training 3 month. (skill & knowledge)


Initial Training : Judgement after training 3 month. (skill & knowledge)

Linkage to Job Title and Salary Incentive

Initial Training : Judgement after training 3 month. (skill & knowledge)

Training Items

Solder, Screwing, Manual Insertion, Winding Function Test, Visual Inspection and etc.

Benefits and Rewards

Total Value-Benefit Offerings to Meet Every Need

We understand that everyone has different needs and that your health, well-being and family are what matter most. We offer a balanced suite of benefits that takes every part of your life into account.We believe that when people’s individual needs are tended to, they perform better. Balancing work with life: all the more reason why Iriichi(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is the employer of choice.

Our people make us what we are and what we strive to be: innovative industry leaders poised for continued growth and success. Our greatest asset is our employees. So we strive to offer employee benefits that support them and their families. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Paid Holidays
  • Health Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Transportation
  • Normal working hours (8am- 5pm)