Why Iriichi

Here at IRIICHI, we produce our product under one roof, starting from a bare PCB to a complete finished good such as SOLAR BATTERY CHARGER, LED LIGHTS and CABINETS. IRIICHI are fully equipped with high technology machines that support our product quality and we produce only HIGH GRADE product for our customer.

EFFICIENT, DEDICATED, KNOWLEDGEABLE is the main character of IRIICHI’s engineering staff. Collaboration of Japanese and Malaysian engineer staff together they do RESEARCH and DESIGN for latest technology and to fulfill customer needs and expectation.

Our professional expert engineers are experienced in variety area’s such as:

  • Energy - Ability of determining the failure causes of wide range of testing unit and machine and finding the appropriate sources for repairing task.
  • Electrical Engineering - Ability to determine causes of failure and damage of machine’s electrical equipment and detail the scope of damage and costs to repair or rebuild.
  • Civil/Structural Engineering - Ability to examine failure debris, conducting structural analysis and perform on-site inspection.

DISCIPLINE is the key of IRIICHI’s strong team. Each team have their own goal and we work TOGETHER to achieve our goals. We are very dedicated and we are trained to be highly disciplined and each IRIICHIAN must follow the rules and regulation of IRIICHI. We are also very committed in delivering our daily task to make sure the factory operation run smoothly without any disturbance.

FAST, ACCURATE, WELL TRAINED is very important characteristics of IRIICHI’S production staff. Our important production mission is:

  • Enhance quality product, to achieve the ultimate goal of “ZERO DEFECT”

At IRIICHI, we perform different types of testing before shipping our finished goods to our customer. One of the testing, based on the product, such as:

  • Aging test for LED light
  • Aging test for Battery Charger
  • ICT test for PCB main board structure.

Accredible Certificates:

  • ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System
  • Product Safety which comply with SIRIM requirement for LED product
  • NQAS (New Quality Assurance System certificate awarded by NTT)
  • Other Safety Standard approvals (UL, PSE, etc)